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Baltimore bridge collision: Six feared dead, two bodies recovered

The bodies of the two individuals were discovered after an extensive search and recovery operation at the site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, United States. The bridge collapsed into the Patapsco River following a collision with a container ship named the Dali on Tuesday.

The superintendent of the Maryland State Police, Col Roland L Butler Jr, confirmed that the bodies belonged to two of the six construction workers who are presumed dead. The victims, aged 35 and 26, were found inside a red pickup truck submerged in the river near the center of the collapsed bridge. The construction workers were originally from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

A team of American investigators boarded the Singapore-flagged Dali to determine the cause of the collision and subsequent bridge collapse. They managed to retrieve the ship’s black box and hope to extract crucial information about the events leading up to the incident. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are working diligently to uncover the truth behind this devastating accident.

The administration paid tribute to those affected by the accident. Governor Wes Moore said: ” The Maryland flag has been lowered to half staff. Our entire state is grateful for the tireless work of our first responders and everyone who has stepped up to serve in the past 24 hours. Maryland is strong and has risen to meet this moment as the work continues today. The hearts of every Marylander are with the families of those affected by the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. We have spoken to the families, prayed with them, and assured them that our state will mobilize every resource to bring them closure.”

Among the crew members of the Dali, one individual from India sustained minor injuries during the collision. They received prompt medical treatment and have since been discharged from the hospital. The well-being of the crew members involved in the incident is being closely monitored, and support is being provided to those affected by the tragedy.

Hours after a ship collided the Francis Scott Key bridge, Baltimore mayor Brandon M Scott confirmed that the search and rescue operation is now a recovery operation and shall resume soon as there is enough daylight.

Mayor Scott said, “Tonight the United States Coast Guard, the Maryland State Police, and the Baltimore City Fire Department announced we have shifted from a search and rescue operation to a recovery operation. We will resume recovery operations in the morning. Our hearts remain with the families of the victims during this difficult time.” In the statement, Scott also thanked all first responders, elected officials as well as support staff for their quick work in helping those affected by the accident.

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