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Covid surge: China battles long queues at hospitals, India issues new guidelines

Even as China battles a wave of fresh surge in new coronavirus cases, India and the rest of the world revisit their guidelines and rules to tackle the pandemic in a better way.

In an advisory issued by the government of India, the ministry of health and family welfare has urged state government to focus on the five-fold strategy of test-track-treat-vaccination and adherence for covid 19.

The advisory also said, “In view of the sudden spurt of cases being witnessed in Japan, United States of ‘America, Republic of Korea, Brazil and China, it is essential to gear up the whole genome ‘sequencing of positive case samples to track the variants through Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG) network. Such an exercise will enable timely detection of newer variants, if any, circulating in the country and will faclitate undertaking of requisite public health measures for the same.”

“In this context, all states are requested to ensure that as far as possible samples of
all positive cases, on a daily basis, are sent to the designated INSACOG Genome
‘Sequencing Laboratories (|GSLs) that are mapped to the States and UTs. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare commends the consistent hard work put in by all
States/UTs and will continue to extend required support to all states in this regard,” it added.

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