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NICDC Investors’ Roundtable Conference to be held in Mumbai today

The financial capital of India will host a roundtable conference of investors tomorrow. The 4th NICDC Investors’ Roundtable Conference organized by Maharashtra Industrial Township Limited (MITL), is being held tomorrow, 10th October 2022, in Mumbai. Besides prominent investors, Chief Minister of Maharashtra Eknath Shinde, Union Minister for Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis, Industries Minister Uday Samant, Consul Generals of various countries and top officials of the Government of Maharashtra are expected to attend this event.

The Investors Roundtable Conference has previously been hosted in Delhi, Kochi, and Ahmedabad. The 4th edition of the conference will showcase the development of upcoming greenfield industrial cities across India, which have been planned by National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Limited.

Currently, four such greenfield smart industrial cities are being developed in Maharashtra in the districts of Aurangabad, Raigad, Satara and Nagpur. The conference is intended to facilitate a meaningful discussion among stakeholders and thus help in identifying various collaboration opportunities for investors.

Maharashtra, the economic powerhouse of India, has been an ideal investment destination for investors around the world. The state has managed to retain the position as India’s top Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) destination. In the last decade, Maharashtra has been a recipient of almost 28% of the cumulative FDI flowing into the country. The robustness of the economy is also evident from the fact that in the last fiscal year, Maharashtra managed to achieve a Gross State Domestic Product of USD 420 billion.

National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (NICDC) is a Special Purpose Vehicle that envisages to establish, promote and facilitate development of the National Industrial Corridor Development Programme, India’s most ambitious infrastructure programme aiming to develop new industrial cities as “smart cities” and converging next generation technologies across infrastructure sectors. The programme is aimed at providing impetus to planned urbanization in India with manufacturing as the key driver.

MITL, formerly known as Aurangabad Industrial Township Limited, is a joint venture between Government of India and Government of Maharashtra.

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