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Gaya DM wants health workers to get 2 doses of covid 19 vaccine before they get salaries: report

Reports suggest that District Magistrate of Gaya, Abhishek Singh, has issued an order stating that frontline warriors and health workers across the district may get their salaries only after providing proof that they have received both doses of coronavirus vaccine. Singh has also been diagnosed with covid 19.

A Dainik Bhaskar report claimed that an order, undersigned by the DM, seeks proof of two doses of the vaccine from employees before their salaries may be disbursed.

Meanwhile, at least 861 cases were reported in Gaya in past 24 hours. ANMMCH has been completely dedicated to curing coronavirus patients, and many other hospitals, including JNP and AIMS are also admitting covid 10 patients.

Bihar chief minister Nitish  Kumar announced Wednesday that the stat government will ensure that everyone above the age of 18 gets covid 19 vaccine, free of cost. The vaccination drive will be opened to people below the age of 45 starting May 1. State health minister Mangal Pandey also

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