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Pakistan Heats up Activity On LOC

There have been 382 cease fire violations in May and 302 in June by Pakistan the the Line of Control (LOC). This violation has risen sharply 221 and 181 in the corresponding months last year.

Besides manning the LOC in J&K, to prevent infiltration by Pak sponsored Terrorists .Our security forces have also increased the tempo of counter insurgency operations during this summer which has resulted in denting the morale of Terrorists planning to carry out attacks at targets in Kashmir valley.

As the situation continues to remain tense on the LAC, with China the LOC with Pakistan has also witnessed a surge in intensity this year raising the spectre of two active military fronts at our borders at one time. Counter insurgency operations by our forces in the Kashmir Valley continue at a much higher tempo compared to previous years. Security forces have killed 41 leading terrorists in the month of June itself. Official data shows there have been 2215 Cease- fire violations on the LOC, till June 25th this year, a total of 3168 violations were recorded in year 2019, and 1629 in 2018. The violations shot up after India’s decision to abrogate Article 370, in J&K, and carve out J&K and Ladakh as two separate Union Territories.
The Pakistan Army is obsessed with sending militants into Kashmir and make the” summer Hot .”We are responding with equal gusto to its actions an official stated. Lt General BS Raju Chinar Corps Commander rightly stated “There is only one reason for the near constant ceasefire violation: Pakistan’s attempt to assist more terrorists to infiltrate into Kashmir in order to disrupt normalcy in the Kashmir valley .Pakistan Army facilitates all these infiltration attempts. Pakistan’s persistence in infiltrating terrorists , proliferating false propaganda are intended to disturb peace in the valley, and its action are unlikely to end soon.”
As per official data 119 militants have been killed till June this year. This figure was 254 in 2018,158 in 2019. Lt General (retired) Subrata Saha who served as Chinar Corps Commander and is member of National Security Advisory Board said “ The Indian Security forces in Kashmir have been additionally proactive, given the tense standoff on the LAC with China it’s a good strategy to keep the terrorists on the run. Because of the pressure on the hinterland, the handlers in Pakistan are trying to heat up the LoC to divert attention of the army .It is also trying to push more infiltration to make up for the denuding number of terrorists.”

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