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Dainik Samvaad enabler: How women can manage self-care despite multiple tasks

Once you start a family, life is all about multi-tasking. While it is challenging for the men as well, self-care becomes the last priority especially for the women in our patriarchal set-up.

Shambhavi (Talksassy), content creator on Trell, shares her inputs and best tips to handle all your duties, as well as manage some time for your self-care.

What do Indian women lack with respect to self-care?
Indian women often get busy taking care of everyone and everything around themselves and in the midst of it all, they forget to give time to themselves. In my opinion, the one thing women lack in terms of self-care would be the discipline to constantly keep up with the daily routine they need to follow in order to keep their skin healthy. 

Quick and easy tips for women to stay fit and healthy.

Exercise often irrespective of how busy your day is going; Eat clean and healthy and drink juices to stay hydrated and fresh

Quick tips for working women who do not have much domestic help. Keeping in mind, the time management, the pressure of physical exertion involved.

Women have always been good at multitasking. This is the mantra to live by when one doesn’t have much help and has to juggle between work, household chores, and kids. The best way to handle this to make a schedule for the day first thing in the morning. It’s always easier to complete tasks when done in a timely and organized manner keeping enough time in between to rest, eat and exercise/ meditate.

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