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PVR-Inox introduces Trailer Screening Show in theatres for Re 1 per ticket

Experimenting with the entertainment exhibition industry, PVR Inox has started a curated Trailer Screening Show with the tickets priced at Re 1. Handpicked trailer from Bollywood, Hollywood and regional cinema will be played for 30-minute at the screenings. 

Speaking about the launch of the new show, Gautam Dutta, Co-CEO of PVR INOX said in a press statement, “Watching trailers on the big screen with high-quality sound and visuals can enhance the movie-going experience and add to the excitement of seeing a highly anticipated film, it offers an immersive and social experience that cannot be replicated at home. With the launch of our 30-minute Trailer Screening Show, we aim to present our viewers with a short, power-packed snackable entertainment offering on the big screen at a price as low as Re.1.”

He added, “This first-of-its-kind content offering is for every cinephile who wants to watch a quick screening of their favourite upcoming movie trailers whilst sitting comfortably and binging on delicious snacks. In addition, it is not heavy on the pocket too. We invite the movie-lovers from all over the country to enjoy this eccentric cinema experience.”

It remains to be seen how movie watchers in India receive the new experiment and whether they make it a success.

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