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Udhayanidhi Stalin’s comments prove opposition to far-right isn’t always right

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin’s son, Udhayanidhi Stalin and A Raja’s call for ‘eradication’ of a religion reeks of not just hateful politics but also a lack of ideology. The ruling party BJP lured voters on the pretext of fighting for the Hindus. Their argument is that the Congress followed minority-appeasement policies throughout their governance in India, making the majority community depraved in the process.

Not only did the Tamil Nadu Minister of Youth Welfare and Sport compare the Sanatan Dharma with malaria and dengue, he even stood by his words when asked to clarify later. Stalin said, “Few are being childish saying I invited for genocide while others are saying that Dravidam should be abolished. Does that mean DMKians should be killed? When PM Modi says ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’, does that mean congressmen should be killed? What is Sanatan? Sanatan means nothing should be changed and all are permanent. But the Dravida model calls for change and all should be equal.” Later, A Raja compared the religion to HIV.

In his bid to toe the anti-Hindu line (because the central government allegedly supports Hindus), Stalin championed opposition against a religion, and a community – an ideology the opposition claims BJP practices, and it opposes.

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