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Farmers’ protest, march on hold till Feb 21 after govt offers diversification on MSP

The fourth round of talks between union ministers for agriculture and representatives of protesting farmers around the national capital was held Sunday evening and Union commerce and inustry minister Piyush Goyal said that the talks ended on a positive note. After the talks ended late Sunday, Goyal told reporters that the farmer leaders will return with a response on the government’s offers.

The ministers offered to diversify MSP for pulses, cotton and maize without any limitation on the quantity. Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Singh Mann was also present for the meeting held on February 18.

Mann said the talks went on for five hours and added that a guarantee is required to ensure that the diversification will actually take place. He added that it was his suggestion to ensure the contracts are drafted for five years.

According to a PTI report, Goyal said that cooperative societies including the NCCF (National Cooperative Consumers Federation) and NAFED (National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India) will enter into a contract with farmers growing pulses and maize to buy their yield at MSP for the next five years.  He added that a digital portal will be unveiled for the same.

Sanyukt Kisan Morcha (Non-Political) leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal also confirmed that the talks ended on a positive note. However, he added that no resolution has yet been found. He said that the proposals need to discuss the proposals with all the forums and organizations involved in the march and protest. He also said that the “march will continue till the demands are met”. The march is currently on hold till February 21 when the farmers hope to return to the government for further discussion.

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