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Gurgaon: Pollution worsens again, AQI crosses 300

After a dip in the pollution level over the past few days, Gurgaon is facing an increase in the pollution level once again. With the AQI level rising beyond 300 in a few areas and close to that number in many others, the citizens face major health risks.

Most polluted

Regions around municipal office, mata mandir road, Arya Nagar, Brahmaprakash Hospital, TERI gram, and national institute of malaria research are among the most polluted areas in the city.

As per AQI, the current PM2.5 concentration in Gurgaon is 13.7 times above the recommended limit given by the WHO 24 hrs air quality guidelines value. Gurugram is the seventh most polluted city in the country and 27th in the world. Rohtak and Delhi ranking as the top two in India.

Least polluted

Areas near Dwarka, Heritage One, HUDA office GMDA, Sector 2, Sector 49, Sector 31 and Sector 62, Sector 72, Sector 65, and Vatika City are comparatively better.

As per a report submitted by the additional Chief Secretary to Government Haryana, Environment Department, Vineet Garg, crushers and industries have been listed as the kain causes for the rise in pollution.

In a bid to curb the pollution level, GRAP 3 restrictions continue to be imposed in NCR. It means a complete ban on all kinds of building and demolition operations, as well as ban on BS3 and BS4 vehicles.

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