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Laungi Bhuiyan of Gaya, set to get a pukka house, thanks to Shyam Steel India

India finds a new Manjhi in Laungi Bhuiyan. Shyam Steel India celebrated the Republic Day saluting an unparalleled human endeavour to bring change for the society as a whole; Laungi Bhuiyan the change maker. Shyam Steel India to build a pakka house for the hero Laungi Bhuiyan who single handedly digs 3 Km-long Canal in 30 years to bring Rainwater to his village in Gaya district during lockdown.

Bhuyan is a local hero, many love to click pictures with the man who’s effort will benefit a large number of animals and to irrigate the fields as well but unfortunately no one was bothered by the kind of destitution he lives in, he did not have a Pakka House.

Shyam Steel India being a responsible Indian company took the pledge to build a Pakka House having two rooms, kitchen, bathroom and a balcony for him.
Surrounded by dense forest and mountains, Kothiwala village that lies about 80km away from Gaya district headquarter, is marked as a refuge for Maoists. The major occupation for people in Gaya is farming and animal husbandry. Shyam Steel Indian with its initiative to build Pakka House for Laungi Bhuiyan would inspire many to contribute towards nations building.

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