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Karnataka hijab row: The religion of politics

Six girls raised objections when they were asked to adhere to the college uniform at MGM College, Udupi, and avoid wearing hijabs inside the campus. Early in January, the management reiterated that the dress code remains applicable for all students, irrespective of their religion. The girls, however, said that they were being discriminated against as they are Muslims. 

Almost a month later, the issue has overshadowed national politics and the Karnataka state government closed schools and colleges across the state for three days. Social media is abuzz with people discussing whether the girls should be allowed to attend college classes wearing hijab. On Thursday, the high court asked students to avoid any religious gear in colleges till the verdict in the matter is finalised.

First of all, what a woman/girl wears is no one’s job. If I want to wear a hijab, a ghoonghat, or a tube top, no one has the right to discriminate against me for my choice of dress. If there is any interference expected from the government or authorities – the college management in this case – it should be to ensure my freedom of choice. 

That said, following the dress code of an educational institution is very different from the freedom, or the lack of it, to choose what I want to wear. If it was a college with no dress code, the management would have been wrong in asking the students to do away with the hijab. But, MGM College, Udupi, has had the dress code since 1985. 

Finally, I want to talk about the video that shows a young girl being heckled and harassed as she parks her bike and walks towards her college. Those boys shouting while threateningly walking towards her are a display of pure hooliganism. Just because you also have a few girls accompanying them, it does not become any less harassment.

That sound of Jai Sri Ram disturbed me a lot. As kids, we read about Maryada Puroshottam Ram.  Our elders worshipped him as मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम. Would Ram approve of a group of people heckling one young girl, in his name? My dear worshippers of Lord Ram, stop taking lessons on religion and Gods from our politicians. Please. The Hindu religion has many beautifully written scriptures. Respect your own education and read some of those.

Perhaps the problem is that politicians are the ones introducing religion to our youth. Most of the youth taking to the streets and violence have little knowledge about their own religion. If you really want to “defend” and “save” Hinduism or Islam, read your own scriptures. Understand what religion originally is and what is the politically twisted plot.

Sweta Kaushal
Sweta Kaushalhttp://www.dainiksamvaad.com
Consulting editor of Dainik Samvaad, Sweta has 15 years’ experience in writing. She has been working in the media industry for 12 years. She is also a contributor at Forbes.com and a consultant for Hindustan Times website.
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