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Atiq Ahmed killed in police custody: Internet shutdown in in Prayagraj, curfew imposed in UP

Gangster Atiq Ahmed was shot down, just hours before his police custody would end on Sunday. Three men disguised as mediapersons opened firing at Atiq and his brother while they were talking to the media in police custoday Saturday night. Later, the attackers chanted Jai Shree Ram. The development comes just a few days after Atiq’s son Asad was shot dead in a police encounter. Atiq was one of the main accused in BSP MLA Raju Pal’s murder and Umesh Pal murders. Pal was a key witness in the BSP leader’s murder.

Uttar Pradesh Police Commissioner Ratik Sharma told reporters in a statement that Atiq and his brother were being taken for a routine medical check-up when the attack happened. He added that a reporter and a policeman was also injured in the firing.

Meanwhile, authorities have imposed curfew in the entire state in wake of the murders and the internet in Prayagraj has also been shut down for 24 hours.

State chief minister Adityanath said in a statement issed by the CMO, “UP CM Yogi Adityanath has instructed the police to be on alert, ensure that peace, law and order are maintained in the state and the public doesn’t face any trouble.”

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