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R Balki’s Ghoomer to open Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2023

R Balki is all set for the world premiere of his upcoming film Ghoomer. The Abhishek Bachchan-Saiyyami Kher-starrer film will be the opening movie at the 14th edition of Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) that begins on August 11. The festival will go on till August 20.

Ghoomer also features Angad Bedi, and Shabana Azmi, and traces the story of a paraplegic sports person (Saiyami), who excels as a cricketer under the guidance of her coach (Abhishek).

Responding to the development, Balki and Abhishek said in a joint press statement, “It’s indeed an honour and pleasure for us that Ghoomer will be the opening film at the IFFM. Ghoomer is  a story of turning adversity into advantage.  A story of innovation when faced with extermination. Ghoomer is a tribute to Sport and the reservoir of human resilience.  
It’s only fitting for a film that believes that ‘Sport makes life worth living’ to be launched in the Sport capital of the world, Australia, land of the MCG. Welcome to the first preview of Ghoomer”. 

“I am thrilled & extremely honoured that Ghoomer will be the opening film at IFFM. This is a film very very close to my heart. Playing a sport on screen was always my dream, I have been manifesting it since I started acting. I’m so glad it’s finally come true. For me this film is much beyond the sport. It’s a story of triumph in extreme adversity. It has been the most physically and emotionally demanding film I have done. Feels extra special that people will be watching ghoomer at IFFM for the first time. Couldn’t have asked for anything better coming to the land of the great Shayne warne to showcase our film,” Saiyyami added.

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