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Protests may cost you passport, govt jobs in Bihar and Uttrakhand

In a move that maligns the image of our country as a democracy, a fresh order issued by the Bihar Police says that people participating in protests and demonstrations will likely find it difficult to get government jobs, passports, bank loans or financial grants by the state.

Bihar’s Director General of Police said in an order, “All this will be duly mentioned in the Police Verification Report. Such people should be ready for grave consequences.” The order specifies nine services for which police verification is required: arms license, passport, character certificate, contractual jobs in government, work contracts in government departments, boards and commissions, licences for petrol pump and gas agency, government assistance or grant, bank loans, and any other purpose where such a verification is sought.”

Bihar’s Economic Offences Unit had asked government departments to bring to its notice the use of objectionable language against public servants including MPs, MLAs and government officers.

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar had said, “Technology is to be used for good, but it is being misused… Anti-social work is being done on social media. This is sending a wrong message to the younger generation.” He was speaking at an event to mark the birth anniversary of socialist icon and former Bihar Chief Minister Karpoori Thakur

Uttarakhand DGP Ashok Kumar also asked his cops to maintain a record of people making “anti-national” or “anti-social” posts on social media. The police will also save screenshots for evidence. “Earlier, only FIR was checked, but now a person’s behaviour on social media will also be checked,” he said on Tuesday.

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