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Godrej Good & Green joins NGO Dhriiti for stories of slum dwelling ‘beauty and nanopreneurs’

Endeavouring to promote and protect entrepreneurship and build the NextGen entrepreneurs via its projects, training, mentoring and accelerator programs, social enterprise, Dhriiti – The Courage Within (https://dhriiti.com/ founded in the year 2004) announces the launch of book ‘Unblemished’, in the capital today, during an online event. Supported by its corporate partner Good & Green Godrej, the launch also marks the success of organisations’ ongoing business accelerator programme ‘Beautypreneur’ which is now 8th year in running (started in the year 2015-16)

Unblemished’ is a coffee table book with a collection of short formals, inspirational and heart-warming stories, real life challenges, struggles and journeys covered by 21 indomitable spirited women: Ashwinder, Fatima, Qaisar, Sadhna Jagdish, Seeta, R Rachna, Veena, Manjulata, Rajesh Tomar, Archana, Gudia, Manju Chaudhary, Meena Kishore, Radha, Rukhmini, Bhawani Devi, Meena Gupta, Noori, Sapna Mishra, Babli Saxena and Poonam. As they have beaten the odds to script their own success in a profession, that was not necessarily of their choosing. 

Scuffing their way up, mostly in chase of their dreams, these beautypreneurs have dared, aspired and relentlessly worked to live and earn a respectable life on their own terms. Sometimes for self-confidence, for children’s’s education, better living, desire to interact with new people, sometimes to negotiate for herself, while mostly to just put together two square meals for their families, they have broken many #bias , challenged many taboos , fought patriarchy, societal pressures, abusive marriages, dealing with personal loss , adding to family’s income, to find their true purpose and calling and sometimes to just mask up their own emotional scars and redefine the meaning of beauty. 

Commenting on the Beautypreneur programme’s success with Dhriiti; Dimpy Dave, Sr. Executive Good & Green, Godrej Industries and Associate Companies, says“With the Beautypreneur programme, we set out to empower women across India. This program has been designed to instil the technical and entrepreneurship competencies to enable women earn their livelihoods, create a new identity and find their voice.”

Indian cosmetics industry has swelled by 60% in the last five years (according to a recent survey finding by a leading lifestyle magazine). This has led to a burgeoning increase of 35% in parlour or salon industry too. Attracting customers across the age groups and gender, beauty and salon business is on an unbound growth trajectory in India and is set to compete parallelly with US and European markets.

Beautypreneur supports small-scale women-led beauty enterprises The aim of the program is to enable nano beauty entrepreneurs to strengthen their businesses by improving their revenue, and bridging the knowledge gap of business and financial management and enhancing their self-

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