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Ramayan: How Dara Singh was chosen for Hanuman’s role

Ramanand Sagar’s cult classic Ramayan enamored the entire nation with its heart touching rendition of the mythological saga had Dara Singh’s noteworthy performance as Hanuman. It’s a little-known fact that he was the only choice to play the coveted role.

Ramanand Sagar could not think of anyone else other than Dara Singh when it was the question of who would play the role of Lord Hanuman. Dara Singh’s son Vindu Dara Singh shared, “It’s a fantastic moment for all of us to watch Ramayan together as a family. My father, Dara Singh essayed the role of Hanuman in this classic tale and we are proud of him. I am also happy that today’s younger generation is getting an opportunity to watch this beautiful series and it shall also instill good values amongst children. Interestingly, my father had essayed the role of Hanuman in a movie titled ‘Bajrang

Bali’ which was a hit. Ramanand Ji was like our family member and one day he called my father for a meeting and said that he had seen a dream wherein my father was playing the role of Hanuman in the series and he won’t take no for an answer. The rest as we all know is history.”

The part of Hanuman in Ramayan is one of the most exciting bits as he is a steadfast devotee of Lord Ram and plays a major part in the battle against Ravan.

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