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Jitendra Kumar’s Jaadugar enters Netflix’s Weekly Top 10 Non-English Films in multiple countries.

Just a few days after its release, Jitendra Kumar’s ‘Jaadugar’ is smashing global records. The movie has entered Netflix’s Top 10 Non-English Films in countries such as India, UAE, Oman, Mauritius, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Jitendra Kumar’s performance as a magician is garnering rave reviews and fans are pouring in their love for the movie that also stars Arushi Sharma and Jaaved Jafferi in pivotal roles. Jitendra Kumar’s performance is deemed to be ‘magical,’ ‘heart-warming,’ ‘powerful,’ ‘delightful,’ by the audiences.

On touching yet another milestone, Jitendra adds, “I am truly grateful to the audience for showering their love and affection. I dedicate this to all my fans for their dedicated support and encouragement. It really keeps me going. Would like to extend a heartiest congratulations to the entire team. All of us have worked really hard to ensure a magical output is delivered.”

Jitendra’s portrayal of Meenu is winning hearts so is his on-screen chemistry with Arushi Sharma. His synced performance with industry stalwart Jaaved Jafferi is also being loved by the audience.

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