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Creative director of Baahubali PC Sanath at MIFF

The 17th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) that began in Mumbai, from May 29, 2022. It is one of the oldest film festivals for non-feature films in South Asia. Organised by Films Division and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of Government of India, MIFF’s main motto is to focus on documentaries, short fiction and animation films. Many celebrated personalities, directors and artists are invited at this prestigious festival who gave inspiring anecdotes about their creative works on stage.

Yesterday, creative director P.C Sanath, who worked on the visual effects in ‘Baahubali’ (2015), gave a vivid speech about visual effect works used in Cinema. He highlighted the usage of VFX and explained how it all works.

He emphasised VFX limitless possibilities with only limitation is vision of the creator. Directors and technicians who find it hard to achieve something while shooting can rely on visual effects.

The creative director illustrated that visual effects have been helping the directors to fulfil their cinematic dreams and also VFX offers easier possibilities for new-age directors and producers while executive their projects.

For better understanding- P.C Sanath described visual effects as a magic tool for stories to enable and enhance the visuals in screen format.

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